Saturday, September 22, 2007

Iraq: Not Just for Oil...

Greenspan admitted half the story in the now-famous quote from his new book that Bush invaded Iraq for oil - true but the other main reason was the right-wing, expansionist Protestant alliance with right-wing, expansionist Israeli Zionists. The second reason may seem a bit subtle to some, but if you did not know the first, you were either ignorant (easy in a country like the U.S., where the media spins a single, endless fairy tale about what is happening in the world) or in denial to the point of real psychosis. Nevertheless, Greenspan did America a real service by commenting on the Emperor's state of dress.

Given this issue's fundamental importance for understanding where the world is headed and why "they" hate "us," commentary on this issue is well worth following in detail. And (this comment is addressed only to my American readers; sincere apologies to everyone else), believe it or not, some of the non-U.S. commentary is a must.

For example, see "America and the Iraq Oil Grab" in the Pakistani newspaper Daily Times.

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