Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Black Sheep

You buy houses you cannot afford for prices you know are inflated, signing mortgages that you know will leave you exposed as they float up, calculating that you can sell to some dumber or more risk-accepting fool before being held to account. You create banks--supposedly places to ensure the safety of money--on the same principle of turning a quick buck, ensured by the tradition of government subsidies for those banks caught in the act and golden parachutes for the individuals...ahem..."responsible."

You manipulate foreigners to grab their precious oil so you can waste it on silly toys and evil wars, leaving the foreigners to starve, and then feign outraged innocence when those foreigners get angry and fight back. You overload your clients with weapons of mass destruction to make war against the poor and oppressed, who seek the freedom you always talk about.

Don't give me that outraged look, Uncle! You have become the world's greatest drug addict - addicted to oil, to power, to silly toys. You have ruined your coastline with houses standing empty except during vacation time while pushing the helpless onto the street, refusing even to provide food for the soup kitchens. You have the greatest park system in the world but trash it with the filth of snowmobiles and ATVs and jet skis.

Chickens coming home to roost? You bet. Far more than you ever dreamed. Remember the skies darkened by migrating geese in the old days when you were young, before the land and air and water were despoiled by your greed? Such is the number of chickens that are coming home to roost.

Uncle Sam, you have shamed the family--not just by your actions but by your hypocritical pretense of innocence and superiority. Only by recognizing one's faults can one rise to greatness.

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