Monday, April 21, 2008

Leadership and Mideast Peace

Jimmy Carter had his share of problems as president and made his share of mistakes, but Jimmy Carter is no longer a politician; he has become something all too rare in arrogant, emotional, all-too-powerful, yet all-too-insecure 21st century America: Jimmy Carter has become a stateman, a leader. He has become a stateman because he thinks about problems and approaches solutions carefully; instead of quick condemnations, he promotes contact, consultation, compromise. He has become a leader because he has learned how to look through the biases and false assumptions and taboos of the moment to point a hopeful way forward.

No one knows the future. No one knows if Hamas will in fact prove willing to live in peace with a peaceful Israel returned to its legal borders. Even the leaders of Hamas almost certainly do not know. Events have a way of pushing people into places they never planned to be. No one knows if Hamas will accept a fair peace because Hamas has never been offered the opportunity. Perhaps someone should.

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