Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Presidential Choices

Americans have choices this fall when they vote. Candidates offering real change do exist.

Sure, we all know Americans are too...is the word "inhibited"?...to vote outside of the two-wing one party system that endorses violence as the road to power and energy consumption as the opiate of the masses. But there is more to elections than winning, folks. Elections (in a real democracy, that is) are about ideas.

A society can go through an invisible revolution in a single generation: all it takes is for a single fundamental idea to take root and spread until it becomes the new "truth." If you don't understand that...if you don't recognize the degree to which that has happened over the last decade, well, maybe you should come back from the moon and check out the old home town.

You can vote for the best candidate who has a shot or you can vote for the candidate who represents a vision you believe in...and fire your own shot: one that just might be heard around the world.

But you cannot say there are no choices:

Cynthia McKinney

Ralph Nader

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Jim Susky said...

Hi Bill,

I coudn't agree more that elections are about ideas.

Here are a few that get short shrift in the schools and newspapers:

Individuals are the rightful owners of their persons, and fruits of their labor.

Voluntary associations and actions should be permitted so long as they don't infringe on others.

Your rights end where my nose begins.

For these reasons and others I vote "L" - Libertarian or none-of-the-above in the write-in space.

Bob Barr is this year's Libertarian candidate for president. Give it a shot.