Friday, November 6, 2009

"America-Replacement" Strategy for Afghanistan: A Simple Plan

In the context of the three basic principles for resolving the Afghan conflict that I discussed earlier, here's an implementation strategy:

  1. Washington announces that it will vacate any region of Afghanistan that is either - A. peaceful and drug-free or B. guarded by an international force, preferably from Muslim societies
  2. the international force will have two duties - A. preventing the use of force to resolve conflict, B. eliminating illegal narcotics, with emphasis on destruction of the refinement business.
This solves the current problem that no one understands what American goals are and puts the U.S. on the right side of morality. To those who protest that the devil is in the details, I say, "Try any desired scale."

The international community will provide stability; state-building will be up to the Afghans...with international funding to be transferred directly to the lowest possible levels.

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