Friday, January 15, 2010

DIA Chief Kills Justification for Threatening Iran

Defense Intelligence Agency: Iran not in violation as far as we can tell. So keep your eye peeled by all means, but the case for war on Iran is closed.

Lieutenant General Ronald Burgess, head of DIA, has, if you read his words with an open mind, completely exonerated Iran on the nuclear dispute:

The bottom line assessments of the [National Intelligence Estimate] still hold true," Burgess said. "We have not seen indication that the government has made the decision to move ahead with the program. But the fact still remains that we don't know what we don't know.

Hostile intent may exist…in Iran or anywhere else, but that is always an unprovable. Hostile intent may exist in the mind of the next guy you pass on the street, but that in no way justifies your murdering him just for being there. If you stop him and yell loudly, “Hey, you gotta gun?” he may feel threatened or feel insulted (having been embarrassed in front of the crowd). If he says, “No, guns are against my religion,” and says all troublemakers should be eliminated and in fact in the course of history will be eliminated, that does not justify you claiming that you have just been threatened. (If anyone thinks Ahmadinejad ever said anything on Israel more threatening than that, please send me the Farsi with citation, NOT some Western mistranslation.) It also does not justify you blowing him away. If he says, “Hey, man, search me!” and you bring in your Intelligence Unit and do so, and the Intelligence Unit reports, “We do not see any indication that this guy has a gun or that he has made any decision ever to acquire a gun, although he is studying how guns work, but well…you know…we still do not know what we do not know. He has other jackets at home or at least he might or at least he might buy another jacket, and we don’t know what pockets those jackets might have or what might be in them…,” that still does not justify blowing him away. If he says, “You can’t see my other jackets because you don’t look in the pockets of everyone’s jackets,” then you may say that he “is not dealing straight up,” but that still does not justify blowing him away. The guy is exonerated.

That is not to say that you have to leave all your cash on the street, expecting him to guard it for you.

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