Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Iran and the Japanese Nuclear Model - Opportunity for Obama

Obama has gotten himself into a diplomatic bind, investing so much of American prestige in the old neo-con campaign to force Iran to accept humiliating special nuclear restrictions while nuclear rogue Israel flaunts its blank check. Now key Iranian national security official Ali Larijani has given Obama a way out.

During his current visit to Japan, Larijani stated that Iran will follow the Japanese model – having the technical capacity for militarization of nuclear technology without actually taking the final step. This achieves Iran’s presumed desire for status and security while following in the footsteps of perhaps the most respected modern country, the one that officially rejects the right to self-defense (albeit with some very large caveats, of which Japan’s technical competence in nuclear matters is surely one). It also leaves Iran in a moral position on nuclear matters far superior to that of its key adversary, Israel.

But most interestingly, Larijani’s statement opens the door for the U.S. to respond, “Fine. It’s certainly your right and it’s a deal.” That would in a superficial sense solve Obama’s dilemma.

The question of whether or not Iran might cheat of course remains. But it exists for Japan and Brazil and every other NPT signatory with technical knowledge as well. So Obama would still be faced with a tough problem, but it would be one vastly easier to manage that the current insulting effort to humiliate Iran into proving a negative. Instead of demanding that Iran alone of all nations on earth “prove” that it lacks the “intention” of militarizing, Obama’s challenge would be to lay out a fair set of standards for application to all nations with the technical capacity to go nuclear.

Rather than singling Iran out for treatment that no government could ever be expected to accept, the approach would be to ask:

  1. What do the Japans, Brazils, Germanies of the world do to demonstrate their sincerity?
  2. Is there a common element within the answer that can be articulated by the IAEA as the “standard?”
  3. In what way is Iran falling short of that global standard?

It would be much easier for Iran to cooperate with the IAEA to meet such a clearly articulated global standard and much more difficult for it to resist than in the current situation where humiliation rather than solving the nuclear dispute often seems to be Israel’s real goal, if not Washington’s.

It does not matter whether or not Larijani has correctly stated the official Tehran position or if they can be trusted to adhere to it. Its public enunciation is an opportunity for Obama to back out of a bad position and take a significant step toward enunciating clear and defensible standards for global nuclear non-proliferation while simultaneously putting the onus on Iran for meeting those standards.

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Veronica said...

Great ideas but Obama does not want "a way out". He had many opportunities to stop his bullying, lying and aggressions. Obama and all politicians know that Iran is not developing nuclear weapons. Iran, IAEA and sixteen US intelligence services have stated many times that Iran is not working on developing nuclear weapons. Iran's stance has been: "having the technical capacity for militarization of nuclear technology without actually taking the final step". Like his predecessors, Obama and his regime choose to ignore all that. Only Israeli, US warmongers and their allies, enemies of Iran, who want to destroy Iran are stating otherwise, without any proof whatsoever. With Obama's approval, - and Bush before him - USA has been supporting anti-Iran terrorist groups Jundullah and Mujahiddeen-e-Khalq (MEK) and their terrorist activities inside Iran for a long time and have allocated millions of dollars for this cause.

This fuss by USA-Israel and allies has nothing to do with imagined nuclear weapons but has everything to do with "regime change" and keeping Iran and all countries in that region under the boots of USA-Israel. They do not want these countries to advance technologically and economically and to be independent; they want puppet traitors and dictators as rulers to subjugate and to exploit them. The West's concern is the mere existence of Iran whose leaders do not pay homage to the colonial empires and do not turn over their countries' resources and economies to them. All the stated concerns by USA-Israel and allies are nothing more than excuses for aggressions and to prepare their citizens to accept wars against Iran, very much like the lies about Iraq's nonexistent Weapons of Mass Destruction.

If Iran were to stop enriching uranium altogether for any purpose, USA-Israel and allies would still accuse Iran of the same or will come up with other excuses to bully Iran. The only thing that would satisfy them is for Iran to allow CIA, Mossad, special forces and their terrorist friends, i.e. killers, to roam freely throughout Iran to topple Iranian government, to murder its leaders, military, civilians, Resistance fighters and intellectuals - scientists, physicists, engineers, doctors, lawyers, educators, business owners, the country's brains - to install puppet government and take over Iran's resources and assets. And, do not forget to build US military bases and huge spy centers called US embassies. They want to do to Iran more than what they did to Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and other places and then move on to the next country to do the same.

Israel has not given up its dream of "Eretz Israel" and Iran, Hamas and Hizballah are in its way from fulfilling that dream. Obama and US Congress will continue to support Israel's goals. Israeli citizens and intelligence services have already been moving freely in Northern Iraq and have been doing as they please, killing, taking over lands which belong to Aramaeans who fled the country because they were and still are being ethnically cleansed (genocide). Aramaeans believe that Israeli intelligence murderers, with the support of Western Christian Zionists, are responsible for cleansing the area of Aramaeans and are diverting attention by blaming the killings on "al-Qaeda" and "Muslim terrorists". Israel is in the process of colonizing Northern Iraq. Many of the Iraqis who were tortured said that Israelis were among US interrogators and torturers. Here is the map of "The Zionist Vision of Eretz Israel" which includes all of Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, all the way to and including the Niles River, Egypt and the Euphrates River, Iraq, Syria and parts of Saudi Arabia: .

USA and Israel will not stop their bullying and terrorism until they achieve their goals. Obama is one of them.