Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Obama: Mainstream Republican Leader

Obama, we hear, is losing his coalition - not because disappointed leftwingers are leaving; where else can they go? Obama, the quintessential neo-con light who has frittered away the last two years talking reform while walking rightwing Republican, is losing his former Republican supporters!

Just goes to show, you can't impress people by copying your opponents and then claiming you "do it better."

Obama has continued the war against political Islam, bowed low before the Israeli right wing, given up on health care as a right for all Americans, taken the side of polluters (BP), and protected Wall Street at the expense of American workers. He has avoided bringing neo-cons to court on any charges and has not even forthrightly condemned aggression, lying about the reasons for going to war, war crimes, collusion with corporate leaders despoiling the land, etc. Has the word "immoral" ever even passed his lips in the context of commenting on neo-con behavior? What is there for conservative Republicans to dislike?

He talks like a reformer, that's what. He gives neo-cons everything they could want...but talks like a hero of the people. And of course, he is the one sitting in the White House; that galls.

Since Obama is rapidly losing his credibility as a neo-con-wannabe, perhaps he should actually become what he said he was: the leader of change. Ten years is enough.

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