Thursday, November 25, 2010

Make Ahmadinejad's Day

Ahmadinejad, who strides the world stage but cannot manage his country's economy, is under attack from powerful domestic politicians. He has been a good man to work with, and now he needs America's help.

President Obama should conduct policy toward Iran with great care, if recent reports that Iran’s parliament has been plotting impeachment of Ahmadinejad are true. For example, if Obama were to withdraw the highly threatening armada he is currently strengthening in the Persian Gulf, that might lessen tensions enough to give anti-Ahmadinejad politicians in Tehran more room for maneuver. Ahmadinejad is easy to hate and very useful for all Washington types who aspire to empire, not to mention America’s great friends the right wing, Zionist leaders of Israel who also aspire to empire. When Ahmadinejad is gone, in certain quarters, he will be greatly missed.

So keep the pressure on; put every aircraft carrier not headed for Korea right up on the edge of Iranian territorial waters; refuse to negotiate any reasonable compromise at nuclear talks that would attract any Iranian nationalist. Keep Iran unified under the gloriously defiant leadership of Ahmadinejad and Khomenei, neither of whom has a clue, evidently, how to manage the economy or satisfy popular aspirations for civil liberties. These men need global tension to justify their hold on power; go ahead: make Ahmadinejad's day.

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