Monday, January 24, 2011

Lebanon Upside-Down

Just a quick thought and a question on the latest from Lebanon...

The establishment, "pro-democracy," "pro-stability," "pro-US" candidate for prime minister has his guys in the street burning tires and is screaming the most incendiary rhetoric about all his opponents being traitors and refusing to compromise while Hezbollah--that representative of the largest confessional group in Lebanon--is playing precisely by Western democratic rules. In classic British tradition, Hezbollah brought about the fall of the government and now gets the chance to form a new government. What's not to like? Surely you are not going to tell me we in the West only like democracy when our guys win!?!? I mean, these are "our" rules that Hezbollah is following! Ain't democracy a beautiful thing?

Question: is the real news here the installation of a Hezbollah government or the splitting of the Sunnis?

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