Wednesday, May 16, 2012


When a community starts to salami slice itself, where does it end?

Germany wants to kick Greece out of the EEC for not taking German orders. It's an interesting idea. Americans seem to prefer halfway approaches. We have effectively "kicked out" the 10 million unemployed. The stock market is booming, the military budget remains as fat as the average voter, and Washington politicians are happily proceeding with business. It's really true - pretend not to see them and they actually disappear! Perhaps we should have kicked Texas out for sending the country too many presidents who started wars. Or we could kick Wall St. out for provoking the 2007 Financial Crisis. I wonder if citizens could pretend not to see politicians?

But back to Europe. Assuming those with money can choose to expel those without, one could be excused for asking what about the EEC constitutes a "community." Communities are groups of people who help each other. Wie sagen sie das auf Deutsch? Leaving philosophy aside, once the poorest group is removed, the next poorest group apparently will be the Spanish, with 25% unemployment. M. Hollande, Espagne, ca c'est un peu plus proche, non?

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