Monday, July 16, 2012

Whadda Ya Mean, a War on Islam?

Emma Sky is talking, and every American interested in the position of the U.S. in the world should be listening very carefully.

Former military governor of Kirkuk Province under the U.S. conquerors, Emma Sky, now opening up in public, recently noted about the U.S. post-9/11 policy toward the Muslim world:
It has been seen by many Muslims as a war on Islam. Now, we are saying, 'We've pulled out of Iraq, we are pulling out of Afghanistan, and it's all over now.' It may be over for the politicians. But it is not over for the Muslim world

Just because both parties have trivialized collateral Muslim damage, that does not mean Washington has been fighting a war on Islam, does it?

Just because the decade (so far, no end in sight) of war in Muslim states by the U.S. has tended to classify all Muslims who disagree with Washington's policy as "enemies" does not make it a "war on Islam," does it?

Just because a wave of anti-Muslim paranoia has been sweeping those portions of U.S. society most supportive of the military effort that responded to the tiny al Qua'ida gang, as though it had been a superpower, does not make it a war on Islam, does it?

Just because both parties kneel low before the most fundamentalist and aggressive faction in Israel does not make it a war on Islam, does it?

Just because the U.S. effort began in reaction to a marginalized terrorist gang and instantly shifted to an attack on a nasty secular dictator and then smoothly transformed into a cyber?/terrorist?/economic/diplomatic war against a very cautious and rather non-aggressive Shi'i power trying to rise to its natural potential does not make Washington's policy a war on Islam, does it?

Just because Washington, even under what claims to be a different political party, still has not attempted to hold former officials accountable for the last disastrous decade, does not mean that Washington is fighting a war against...well, surely not "Muslims"...after all we're over the Crusades...but against...uppity Muslims, does it?

I mean really, where did she (I mean, the Muslims) ever get this idea???

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Anonymous said...

more of an irony is that it was America that developed and trained the Al-Qaeda---and continues to develop and train various other militant groups---whom they call "freedom fighters' when they are training and arming them---then turn around and call them "terrrorists" so they can be fought against......its ridiculous.....