Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Attacking Iran to Sabotage Obama?

Angry Arab noted on May 19, “Nobody knows American politics more than Hariri rags. This Hariri rag, for example, reports that if Obama wins the presidency, Bush will attack Iran in the two months separating the election from inauguration.

Don’t laugh; just because that thought is idiotic and criminal does not mean that it is not frighteningly believable. Would Obama have the courage to stand against the thoughtless tide of American anger against the Iranian victim that would inevitably result or would he allow himself to be locked into four more years of self-defeating American aggression?

Concerning poor Lebanon with its elites so fond of inviting external patrons to involve themselves in its internal disputes, how long would Hariri last under such circumstances? And if he did manage to survive Hezbollah anger, would he really want to see another 20-year-long Israeli occupation of his country?

P.S. Does anyone who reads Arabic see anything in the “Hariri rag” article worth translating?

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