Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Will Iraq Save Us From Ourselves?

Unless we the American people truly do want to be committed to that 100 years of war in Iraq that McCain alluded to, we should pray that the Iraqi government save us from ourselves (OK, save us from our Neo-Con masters) by rejecting the troop agreement.

Signing the incoming administration up to a new agreement with Iraq "allowing" continued U.S. occupation of that country would be a smooth stab in the back by lame duck Bush. In my opinion, the merits of such an agreement are dubious; it essentially cements the U.S. into its Neo-Con imperialist course of endless war with Islam. The point, however, is that any such agreement with its fateful consequences for America's role in the world should be made by the new administration.

Aside from suddenly starting a yet another war of choice, there is hardly anything that Bush could do to cripple the new administration than anchor it like this into the quagmire sands of an Arab occupation.

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