Monday, December 29, 2008

Lame Duck, Lame Reasoning: Needlessly Prolonging the Agony of Gaza

Sure, President Bush, it is up to Hamas to stop fighting first, then perhaps the Israeli masters of colonial Gaza will suddenly shift from decades of oppression to ending their illegal occupation. And the trouble-making inhabitants of the Warsaw Ghetto should have cooperated with the Nazis. It is the duty of the weak, the poor, the occupied, the imprisoned, the despised to be cooperative; only then will the possibility of equality, freedom, justice be entertained…if and when the powerful find it convenient. If the weak, poor, occupied, imprisoned, despised want even a taste of the treatment their masters take for granted, then they must earn the right by being nice. Getting angry when you are oppressed is not nice; fighting back is not nice; refusing to submit is not nice. Using weapons against your oppressors who ignore you when you are quiescent and subvert you when you play by their rules is not nice. The people of Gaza have no business expecting such luxuries as airports, electricity, a government that can collect taxes, freedom from aerial bombardment, or international trade because Hamas is not nice.

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