Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Recognizing Palestinians As Humans

America may still be in denial, but in Israel even the mainstream media is finding the hypocrisy of politicians a bit much. Concerning the debate over “two states” between Netanyahu and Washington, Gideon Levy in Harretz says:

Once again the diplomatic arena has become a playground of words. This will be said and that will be declared and the other will be proclaimed. This is a guarantee of another foregone failure.…

The only recognition that is needed now is Israel's recognition of the Palestinians as human beings.

Ahmadinejad, who is making a career out of making Western politicians look bad, said essentially the same thing in his review at Durban II of the course of world history over the last century. Racism, for those Western politicians who love to use the word as long as all remain carefully in denial about its meaning, means NOT recognizing others as human beings.

Levy and Ahmadinejad, each in his own way, are sending Obama a message about which he needs to think very carefully.


If you are one of those still in denial, take a look at how Israel treats Palestinian families.

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