Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mideast Security for All (notes)

A practical plan for enhancing the security of all Mideast states is possible.
Notes on Mideast security plan:

1. US guarantees Lebanese security -
  • arm Lebanese Army with defensive missiles
  • forbid Israel to use US technology vs. Lebanon
  • US offers to discuss Lebanese security with Syria, Iran
2. Russia, China, and US guarantee Iranian security -
  • Russia sells defensive missiles China & Russia offer token troop forces
  • Tehran provides total nuclear transparency
  • Tehran receives medical-grade uranium, sanctions end
  • US demands total Israeli nuclear transparency, backed up by suspension of military cooperation
  • Israeli nuclear-capable submarines put under international supervision
3. Golan Heights to Syria -
  • U.S. guarantees Israeli security 
  • Israel returns Golan
4. U.S. Encourages Multilateralism With U.S. Backing -
  • U.S. supports Turkish emergence as moderate consensus-builder
  • U.S. encourages self-started regional interaction including Iran and Israel

    So far, has any state's national security failed to improve?

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