Sunday, June 3, 2012

Iran Talks: Is the West Deaf?

Given the lack of apparent reaction by the West to an astounding Iranian offer, one can only wonder: is the West deaf?

Is the West totally deaf? Iran has clearly, if in a low-keyed manner, signaled acceptance of the West's core demand to resolve the nuclear dispute:
"Any proposal to reduce uranium enrichment from 20 percent to 5 percent and in return to ease sanctions imposed on Iran, has not been presented by the world powers," Talib Mahdi, a member of the Iranian delegation, told Xinhua on the sidelines of Baghdad meeting.
"Such proposal could be accepted by Iran because it would be a clear international recognition that Iran has the right to obtain nuclear energy," Mahdi said.
The answer to this is, "Great, we agree." 
Not only is Iran evidently not even asking to be allowed to exercise its legal right to refine to 20% medical grade, but it is not asking for an end to sanctions...just their easing! This constitutes a huge concession. Iran is willing to compromise even while remaining under economic attack by the West. It is no wonder that Iran sent this concession via a member of its delegation, rather than the leader, and in a side discussion with Xinhua, no doubt hoping to minimize domestic criticism of its compromise.
The West of course has exactly the same problem of domestic hardliners, so one can only hope that the West is in fact very quietly signalling that at Moscow it will accept the Iranian offer.

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