Monday, February 25, 2008

Care about Israel? Read the Israeli Press

Those who feel strongly that Israel deserves to be protected need to inform themselves about the reality of Israel and the region in which it exists. Learning about the range of ideas for maintaining Israeli security being discussed in Israel is critical to gaining such understanding. A good place to start is the English-language Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

Qatar willing to broker cease-fire agreement between Israel and Hamas
--Haaretz, Feb 25

Israel is "making a big mistake if you think you can reach an agreement with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas without including Hamas in the
talks," said the Qatari premier, according to a report of the conversation
received by Haaretz. Hamas, continued al-Thani, "must be taken into
account," because even if talks do progress with Abbas, "he will not be able
to sign an agreement without Hamas's consent."...The Qatari added that "the
possibility of separating Hamas and Abbas is an illusion" and said that the
Mecca Agreement must be revived.--Qatari prime minister, Sheikh Hamed bin
Jassem al-Thani told Israel

In order to make progress, people must be open to new ideas.

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