Monday, February 18, 2008

Permanent American Aggression?

If you thought that the election might lead to peace, read this warning about how the state of the world could get very much worse if John McCain is elected. The warning concludes that a McCain victory "would likely complete America's transition to a militarized state and would empower terrorists everywhere, resulting in constant warfare and bankrupting the United States in fairly short order. Such is the price of the neocon new world order."

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Anonymous said...

We citizens of the former US Republic exercise zero power to alter the pre-determined "strategic interests" of "foreign policy." We are factually serfs under the US Corporate Crime Family Empire: The former USA.

The establishment of our proud US police state ignited when PNAC demolished the WTC. It keyed, then launched their phase II attacks on Exxon and BP's new oil colony targets. This is the business plan of Houston, Texas Energy Task Force gods.

We are allowed to live in the police state now merely in order to finance permanant war. Our jobs exist only to fund media-created "war heroes" armed with tax dollars sent by a Dem-GOP corproate duoploy Crime Family to its CEO's: campaign financiers. The planet is merely a business-opportunity for taxpaid colonization. Allegience to the US Crime family of corporations is duty as US and worldwide consumers. Any soverign nation who dares object to US corporate Crime family colonization/control is converted instantly into the next "theat" and our new enemy by US media. Until the last Chinaman, the last Russian. the last South American, the last African and the last Malaysian work for and pay tax-tribute to same corrporate masters who own the Democrat and GOP politicians, those future US serfs are already targeted for submission or elimination. This is nation-building. The euphemism for plain war. The strategic interest of the US Fascist Corporate Crime Family has a name and people who fbo those who grow richer each day from it. Morons and thugs like Msr's Cheney and Bush are The Crime Family Cappo's. Barak and MCain assure their Crime Family Godfather's of much more war-sustenance, more death on the march.

Their plan is not conspircay, rather a predictable business plan without pause. Funded by our taxes paying brutal mercenary murderers like Blackwater and Dyntech et al, the CIA, NSA with assistance from MI5, Mossad owned by the alliance of wealth in Houston, Texas , Tel Aviv, Washington and New York intend to grow wealth ever-more concentrated into vast bank accounts using us as expendable fuel. Earth is theirs. This is ordinary insect hierarchy or plain reptilian textbook fuedal business. We are the expendables of The Late Planet Earth. By uttering these facts about the US Corporate Crime family herein, these keystokes are already added to vast burgeoning digital catalogs of wiretapped targeted citizens aka "persons of interest" blacklisted by openly uttering free speech to the power of Satan on Earth. Yes to Satan himself. I was never particularly religious as a church member. Hitler and Stalin and Mao failed to complete the work, but in the eradication of all excepting profit of the omnipotent few....I must finally admit that I plainly witness the face of evil. Satan himself in the every nuanced jealous control of of proud US Police-State....every wrinkle now bare in glorious fatuation with is own image , each wart jealous of any power not coerced under his control, horns of Dem & GOP, each wrinkle of lies etched deeper each day, and his creation of endless enemies for lucrative war diligently grows destruction each passing day...US media-fed. The US Crime Family-Satan's face, works each second of each day covetous of any trival power among independent people. He shares power with no one.

Yes, now I understand that there is in fact Satan. His taxpaid Blackwater gunmen goose-step today toward his next oil-target. They feed fast and live well on our dying depleted taxes...without prospect of livlihood. John MCain and his Satanic GOP following is merely more direct about his planned future attacks on manufactured enemies than is barak Obama. Obama must do his master's will or die in another unfortunate assassination or in the next wave of GOP antharx attack-mailings. terrosim is theirs.

Satan's soldiers gush forth on the dying Mother Earth from his rancid pus pockets to finally control the last speck of the planet. We pay taxes for his wealthy party. The US Crime family is invincible: Fuedal-Fascism perfected. Hois success relies on fear and the daily inexorable media creation of our next "enemy."