Saturday, February 14, 2009

One More Small Step Toward Mideast War

Dan Gillerman, Israel's permanent United Nations representative from 2003 until last September, has just added the latest Israel war threat to what has become a long list. The money words:

"Israel has made it very clear that it will not live with a nuclear Iran, and I believe that Israel has the ability and the capacity to make sure that it will not happen."

This belligerent remark serves first of all to strengthen the myth that it is Iran that represents a threat to peace. It of course might theoretically also constitute just one more push to persuade Iran to compromise, except that so far no one is offering Iran a compromise. In contrast, Iran is being ordered to accept humiliating rules that apply to no other country on earth.

No one knows, obviously, how any country on earth might at some unspecified future moment behave. But, unlike several other countries, Iran has no record of starting wars. Moreover, we do know a fair amount about the sort of contextual conditions that prompt countries to start wars, including feelings of insecurity, being forced to accept rules others need not follow, being shut out of normal international intercourse, and being denied a place in the world commensurate with their power. The bottom line is that those accusing Iran have not even begun to make a persuasive case that Iran would pose a future threat.

Gillerman's remark also provides yet another piece of evidence that the recent Gaza attack was about Iran more than Gaza - the coincidence of timing is very suggestive. Specifically, it supports the contention that Gaza was an Israeli test of the hypothesis that violence works and the interpretation that Israeli decision-makers learned the lesson that in fact violence does work. But Lebanon is the country that should be most immediately concerned.

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Barbara L said...

I agree with your opinion. I was just posting up PNAC in my blog today and refreshing myself of its intentions. And I quote, (well, cut n paste) "The plan, as it was drawn out, called for the toppling of Saddam Hussein and seizing control of the Iraqi oil fields. Also, the regime of Afghanistan had to be deposed in order to construct a pipeline to secure access to the natural gas reserves of Central Asia. Once the energy resources were secured, the next step in the plan was to create an archipelago of military bases throughout the Middle East and Central Asia as a staging point for further operations including the toppling of Iran and Syria."

These are Americans and Israelis, Zionists all, as you most likely are aware.

I truly put Zionist/Israel into the same mindset, only infinitely more devious according to the way of the Talmud, as that of Germany during the set up or Europe for WW2. The same flexing, the agitating, the braggadocio, the same hard line, the same ancestors, the same policy of Fascism/Communism. All of which are shared with the current crop of American rulers.

And North America (I speak as a Canuck), our leaders are taking the wrong side purposefully for the breaking of our civilization (such as it is) and then the installation of their New F*cking World Order.

IMHO Iran is inevitable unless we manage to pull off one helluva coup and halt these criminals.