Wednesday, February 4, 2009

U.S. Behavior in Afghanistan

This report from the Pakistani media about Afghan protests against U.S. troop behavior merits close attention on several levels.

GHAZNI (PAN): Hundreds of angry protesters in southern Ghazni province
blocked Kabul-Kandahar Highway for vehicular traffic on a second day of
their protest against the killing of two locals by the US forces.
The US forces Sunday said in a statement that they killed two militants
in Qarahbagh district of central Ghazni province. However, dozens of
elders of Qarahbagh district said that they were two brothers and
locals. The protestors brought bodies of the dead to Ghazni city to
show the government that they were civilians.
An elder of the area, Qasim, Sunday told this news agency that the
USmilitary dogs had bitten five women and children in the area.
Hundreds of protesting people from Qarahbagh district blocked
Kabul-Kandahar Highway for a second day on Monday. The protest
demonstration emerged from Lewanai Bazaar and Krosai area and blocked
the highway and burnt tyres on the road. The angry protestors chanted
slogans against the US forces and President Hamid Karzai and asked for
withdrawal of foreign forces from the country. "We are not protesting
only against the killing of two locals, but the protest is against the
killings of dozens of people by the US forces in Tagab, Laghman and
Kandahar," Ahmad Khan, a protestor told this agency. He said that the
forces were only killing civilians, but they had detained a number of
national elders and elderly people. "Women and children were bitten by
their dogs," Khan said.
A security official in Qarahbagh district also confirmed the blockade
of the highway and said no untoward incident has so far been reported.
Hundreds of vehicles stranded on both sides of the blockade were
awaiting opening of the road.

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