Saturday, July 4, 2009

Israeli Elite: Not "Pets" but Undisciplined Children

Israeli Member of Knesset (MK) Danny Dannon recently whined that the U.S. is "treating Israel like a pet" by way of explaining that many elite figures plan to forego the free food at the U.S. embassy July 4th bash in order to sulk at home. For an elite that has sponged off American good will for 60 years, that is showing an impressive amount of self-control! But is it supposed to make me feel bad?

Israel is an independent country, is it not?

Israel is more than welcome to decline to eat free at the U.S. ambassador's July 4th barbeque. In fact, Israel is more than welcome to decline the endless billions in economic aid that U.S. taxpayers (many now unemployed) keep handing out. Israel is also more than welcome to decline the endless billions in military aid (by U.S. law, provided for Israeli defense) that Israel uses to subjugate Palestinians and terrorize the whole Levant and threaten Iran. Israel is more than welcome to break relations altogether with the U.S. and leave the U.S. free to conduct a normal, rational foreign policy without the baggage of having a child that keeps playing with matches and burning down the neighbors' houses.

If Israeli politicians want to be treated like adults, they might try acting like adults. They might try standing on their own two feet and learning how to live within their means in the neighborhood they have chosen. They might also try thinking seriously and carefully about the long-term security of the society they claim the right to rule.

Then, Israel might deserve to be treated like an independent country...because it might be one.

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