Thursday, July 9, 2009

Netanyahu: Dangerous Adversary

According to Haaretz,

Netanyahu appears to be suffering from confusion and paranoia. He is convinced that the media are after him, that his aides are leaking information against him and that the American administration wants him out of office. Two months after his visit to Washington, he is still finding it difficult to communication normally with the White House. To appreciate the depth of his paranoia, it is enough to hear how he refers to Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod, Obama's senior aides: as "self-hating Jews."

One out of three isn’t bad! But just because Americans are desperate to get rid of this warmongering obfuscator who knows he needs a nice little war with Iran to keep his job (I will not, absolutely will not, name other recent Western leaders who used war against Islam to keep their jobs) does not mean he isn’t paranoid. Netanyahu is paranoid because he thinks destroying the Palestinian people is the only way Israel can survive. Netanyahu is paranoid because he sees Hitler mirages coming at him across the burning sands of Arabia every time he looks out the window.

Jews who want peace and justice are “self-hating?!?” Then what do you call a person like Netanyahu?

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