Monday, January 28, 2008

A Pakistani View of the Key Problem in Pakistan

Commenting on the implications of Musharraf’s self-engineered “election” of himself as president of Pakistan for the next five years on October 7, 2007, Dr. Farooq Hassan, Senior Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan and Professor Harvard University, warns of the dangers to Pakistan of the current political disunity:

The 1971 creation of Bangladesh because of a spate of follies by the military strongman general Yahya are a vivid reminder of what yet could happen
in this country.

Dr. Hassan concludes:

Pakistan politically and economically is in a mess, its own army, for the first time, is seeing its credibility, power, its pre-eminent position in Pakistan's society and power structure questioned and losing fast its respect in public estimation.

Westhawk's post on a possible expansion of U.S. military ties to Pakistan should be read in this context.

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