Monday, January 21, 2008

Further Comparisons between Iran & Pakistan

Recently, I suggested that Iran and Pakistan should be viewed in comparative perspective and asked if the approach of the world community or any major player in it toward these two countries should be based on a single set of principles. Others are also comparing Iran and Pakistan in essays worth careful consideration in this election year.

Karim Sajadpour compares the current Pakistani electoral situation to that of Iran in 1978:

"In 1978, Iran’s liberals were bent on removing the Shah by any means. Instead of creating an atmosphere conducive to an Iranian Gandhi, they unwittingly helped usher into power Ayatollah Khomeini and a theocratic regime less tolerant than the one they helped unseat."

Paul Rogers compares current U.S. policy toward the two, warning that:

"in the United States the primary election campaign is approaching full
flow with virtually no mention of these issues. In regard to both Iran and
Pakistan, however, the potential for sudden crises and even overt conflict
involving US forces, may now be higher than just a month ago."

Other comparisons would be welcome.

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