Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hamas' Negotiating Position on Rafah Border Crossing

Fawozi Barhum, Hamas spokesman Hamas in Gaza, said:

we in the Hamas movement have stated clearly, will not allow the Rafah
borders to be operated by the past agreements between the Palestinian Authority
and Israel, because it was unjust towards our people, thousands couldn't leave
the Gaza strip for health care, travel and studying and scores were kidnapped by
the Israeli occupation at the Rafah borders because of this

Would anyone care to address these points?

Well, no, probably not, judging from this report:

Israeli sources reported on Monday that Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, and the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, agreed on Sunday to demand Egypt to seal the breached border with the Gaza Strip. Olmert also said that he objects to any talks between Fatah and Hamas.

You see, talking to people is really a very bad thing. Just won't do at all.

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