Sunday, January 6, 2008

Grading World Governance in December

December Global Governance Score: -14, +6

This is the second in a monthly series of reports designed to offer a simple metric for evaluating the quality of global governance. Suggestions on how to put the currently arbitrary and incomplete selection of events on a methodologically valid foundation are welcome.


  • Little substantive global agreement to move forward at Bali global warming conference
  • Bhutto murdered
  • Pakistani jurists remain imprisoned
  • Bhutto's PPP party remains in family hands
  • Turkey attacks Iraqi Kurds
  • U.S. air war in Iraq continues at high level
  • U.S. air war in Afghanistan continues at high level
  • Lebanon fails again to elect president
  • Israel expands settlements after Annapolis
  • Iraqi ethnic/religious separation continues
  • extension by UN Security Council of approval for the operation of foreign troops in Iraq despite the April condemnation of a majority of Iraq’s parliament
  • Somali war between ICU and Ethiopia continues
  • border tensions between Ethiopia and Eritrea
  • Ethiopians fail to meet U.N. deadline for implementing border agreement


  • Chavez accepted the results of the election he had called
  • Iraqi, US deaths down
  • Bali global warming conference held
  • US paying Sunnis not to attack it
  • US intelligence report on Iran lessens danger of U.S. attack
  • Iranian pragmatist-reformer coalition formed for March parliamentary election


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