Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Global Impact of Israeli Control Over U.S. Appointments

The interference of Israel and its American lackeys who put the interests of a certain militarist elite faction in Israel ahead of U.S. national interests, exemplified by the Freeman appointment debacle, is important because it goes to the heart of America's global position.

As Glen Greenwald put it on Salon,

In the U.S., you can advocate torture, illegal spying, and completely optional though murderous wars and be appointed to the highest positions.  But you can't, apparently, criticize Israeli actions too much or question whether America's blind support for Israel should be re-examined.

He goes on to point out a key financial route for buying Israeli influence in Congress. Wonder what people would say if Iran were discovered to be paying off congressmen?

As Mideast specialist Professor Augustus Norton put it,

The distressing Freeman episode does not augur well for President Obama's announced quest for a settlement in the Arab-Israeli conflict. This episode reveals that a serious discussion of U.S. policy in the Arab-Israeli zone may no longer be possible in Washington.

True,  but understated. In fact, the whole fabric of U.S. policy toward Muslim societies is woven tightly. Israeli veto over American ability to appoint open-minded advisers biases the global American approach to its most critical foreign policy challenge, constraining U.S. freedom of action, pushing the U.S. down needlessly difficult paths, and thus undermining U.S. national security in myriad ways. The next time anti-American feeling explodes in the world, thank Israel.

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