Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pakistani Democracy Turmoil

Here is the textbook method for turning a politician into a hero:

LAHORE: The long march is on its way to Islamabad led by Pakistan Muslim League-N Quaid Mian Nawaz Sharif.

The long march comprises of lawyers, political workers and members of civil society.

Police tried to block the way of caravan at different locations. The PML-N Quaid managed to come out of his Model Town residence despite an order of detention which was served to him. However, the police retreated after a little while giving way to the caravan.

At GPO Road, clash broke out between enraged protesters and police which used heavy shelling to disperse the protestors. The Nawaz-led caravan comprising party workers and people kept marching on, breaking all the hurdles erected on their way while scuffles between police and protesters continued.

The caravan crossed the Kalma Chowk where heavy contingents of police were deployed to stop the march. However, the police disappeared after a while.

The number of people participating in the long march kept building up steadily and the caravan of hundreds turned into thousands. The police seemed to have changed its strategy and decided to retreat upon seeing the ocean of people approaching.

Sharif should be very grateful to Zardari for giving him something he simply could never have acquired on his own.

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