Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Teaching Tehran a Lesson

British PM Brown instructs Iran on its "nuclear rights:"

We have to create a new international system to help non-nuclear states acquire the new sources of energy they need, because, whether we like it or not, we will not meet the challenges of climate change without the far wider use of civil nuclear power," he said.

Brown, however, said Iran's "current nuclear programme is unacceptable".

Iran has concealed nuclear activities, refused to co-operate with the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency), and flouted UN Security Council resolutions."

Iran therefore faces a clear choice - continue in this way and face further and tougher sanctions, or change to a UN-overseen civil nuclear energy programme that will bring the greatest benefits to its citizens.

Translation: The West now concedes that Iran can be allowed peaceful nuclear energy as long as the West is convinced that there is no actual or even potential military component, but Iran absolutely will not be allowed the same rights as Israel, which, as always, constitutes a special case. In fact, Iran will not be allowed the same rights as Pakistan or India either, and this is the case despite the fact that Iran is making no nuclear threats against anyone while Israel, India, and Pakistan have all practiced an alarming and highly irresponsible degree of nuclear brinkmanship.

The above translation reveals no secrets to Iran's leadership. Those folks can read as well as anyone else. It may, of course, surprise and upset Americans, who are normally protected by their mainstream media cocoon from having to digest such bitter pills.

The serious issue here is the nature of the lesson that such diplomatic behavior teaches. A Martian analyst studying Earth Politics would advise his government to prohibit Martians from taking vacations on Earth: put simply, the behavior of Pakistan, India, and Israel raises serious concern about the possibility of nuclear war breaking out on Earth over the next decade or two.


Latest Israeli effort to pour gasoline on the Mideast political fires:

The IDF chief told Ross that Israel would not tolerate a nuclear Iran. He said that a diplomatic approach to Iran's contentious nuclear program must be taken first, but said Israel must also prepare for other possibilities.


Two primary reasons exist for such concerns:

  • the three cited countries have repeatedly exhibited behavior suggesting that they cannot be trusted to avoid the temptation, in a crisis, of using their nukes;

  • the world's powers, rather than focusing on efforts to mitigate this obvious threat, instead inexplicably seem obsessed with the possibility of a future threat from a country that has no realistic hope in the foreseeable future of achieving anything remotely like nuclear parity but which is deemed likely to engage in the suicidal use of whatever primitive nukes it can get its hands on. Since this country has no history of engaging in suicidal behavior, Martian analysts cannot explain why Earth powers have made this assessment.

Martians just don't understand far-away Earth.

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